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Image titleBig closet or small, you too can have it organized! Treat yourself to a refreshing start each day  when you step into your closet! Invest the time and reap the benefits of these top tips!  They really do work!

1. Weed out what you don't use and donate it!  You will love the space and the feeling of giving to a worth cause.  Think 'less is best'!

2. Organize your clothing by color!  Begin with color sorting of items. Color is a vital first step for those early mornings when time is short and the rush is on! If you feel the need to take it a step further you may also sort by item type - pants, tops, dresses, etc. 

3. Once you've sorted, turn the hangers all backwards. This may sound crazy, but as you wear things you will put them back in frontwards. Over time, you will easily find the backwards hangers become the items you didn't use and you're ready for the next purge event.

4. Work the walls!  Use the space you have. Shelving. Hanging hooks. Storage units. You pick, but use that space that is now an open wall!

5. Think creatively! Use men's tie racks for jewelry hanging or scarves. Put a dresser in the closet for more storage and to open your sleeping space. Go wander the hardware or container store for ideas, but first make a list of what items you need to organize and measurements of the space you have. Have a plan or you'll over spend and it won't fit.

6. Label!  Seriously, labeling truly helps! Use clear containers such as plastic shoe boxes or storage bins and label the fronts. Big items or small, condense them in to a container vs. laying loose! Socks? Bags? Folded items? This makes searching for and replacing items a cinch! 

7. Do you need lighting?  If you can't hardwire a light, check out the wireless ones! There are lots to choose from at your local hardware store. Flip the light on and save yourself those mismatching of colors embarrassments! 

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