The Best Butchers In The Area In My Opinion

Dated: November 25 2018

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My personal favorite Butcher's in Western Wisconsin & Eastern Minnesota you have to check out these below

A.  Louie's Finer Meats in Cumberland, WI.  They feature a fantastic variety of homemade brats, dogs, smoke flank steak, smoked pork butts, the best smoked bacon, and so much more.   My favorite item from Louie's is their bacon cheese burger brat!  Check out the link below.

B.  Grundhofers Old Fashion Meats in Hugo, MN.  They feature the 93x Brotherhood brats and the famous gummy bear brat.  They advertise over 100 flavors of brats made, and they are NOT kidding.  Besides the great brats they are a full service butcher that feature fantastic packages of pork, beef, chicken, and sausage.  This is my go to place for the unique brat flavors, to many to mentione.  Check out the link below for more information.

C.  RJ's Meats in Hudson, WI.  Fantastic cuts of meats are available here including wonderful smoked bacon.  My favorite item from RJ's is their custom ground "Triple B" burger, fantastic for grilling!  And their tomahawk steaks are for the beer lovers!  Check out the link below.

D.  Kramarczuk's in Minneapolis, MN.  The fresh made sausages are amazing!  A few of my favorites would be the Smoked Italian Sausage, the Wild Rice Brats, and the Course Ground Ring Bologna.  And I forgot to mention the Bakery and Restaurant are fantastic also, featuring fresh made Eastern European specialties.  Check out the link below.

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